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A medida e a probabilidade (A). Princípio das probabilidades totais e das probabilidades compstas em Borel (B-C).
Reference code PT/AUC/PFM/MR/007/0001/00005
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Apontamentos científicos - fórmulas matemáticas.
Reference code PT/AUC/PFM/MR/007/0001/00035
Record not reviewed.
Reference code PT/AUC/PFM/MR/007/0168/00001
Record not reviewed.
Reference code PT/AUC/PFM/MR/007/0168/00003
Record not reviewed.
Reference code PT/AUC/PFM/MR/007/0168/00005
Date range 1862-03-21
Reference code PT/UC/FCT/BOT/VVM/L/001/21
Date range 1862-04-02
Reference code PT/UC/FCT/BOT/VVM/L/001/28
Date range 1862-04-22
Reference code PT/UC/FCT/BOT/VVM/L/001/48
Date range 1862-05-16
Reference code PT/UC/FCT/BOT/VVM/L/001/66
Date range 1862-05-16/1862-05-22
Reference code PT/UC/FCT/BOT/VVM/L/001/67